Friday, February 4, 2011

family matters: when siblings are best friends

I have uncovered yet another surprise benefit that comes with homeschooling your children: friendship.  True friendship cannot be forced nor broken by another person, and I have actually watched this develop in my very own children.  Two of these children, less than 2 years ago, were fighting and arguing until separation was the only solution.  And now, as I speak, they are willfully closed in my son's bedroom, making a fort out of blankets and a bunk bed, delighted with their co-creation.

But it doesn't stop there.  Where else would you find an 8 year-old and a 2 year-old who are growing into great friends?  Because the girls share a room, and because M8 is not away at school 7-9 hours a day (including transportation time), this friendship is continually growing and being nurtured between them.  Yes, M8 becomes irritated with N2, but isn't that the case in all friendships?  I am amazed when I think that there are times throughout the day when M8 thoughtfully takes N2 aside and plays with dolls or puzzles, reads books, or fixes her hair...just because she wants to.

Honestly, this discovery brings tears to my eyes.  The thought that if M8 were away at school (and M6 as well!) her limited time at home would be filled with homework, chores, and sleep makes me so very thankful that God led our family to make this decision to educate our children at home.  And now another reason to be thankful: Because we've had the privilege to watch our children grow from siblings to friends.

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